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MMOEXP : Elden Ring Runes has become an even more bizarre experience

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Elden Ring Mods Turn The Game Into A Surreal Fever Dream

Join me, fellow readers, as I entertain you with yet another tale of what the bizarre shit characters are up to in Elden Ring. Be assured that this story isn't going to be about panties murdering turtle clergy, even rolling death strats (we've already done those). This time, Elden Ring Runes has become an even more bizarre experience thanks to one YouTuber's bizarre and hilarious modding efforts.

YouTuber ToastedShoes who has uploaded many mods to his gameplay videos, shared a video appropriately called "Elden Ring but ruined by mods." While the mods aren't going to ruin this game completely, they do transform Elden Ring into an utterly online gamer's fever dream. It's the Australian YouTuber's bold take on the latest FromSoftware game replaces Elden Ring's bosses and NPCs with cartoon characters from popular TV shows and creates a hilarious and off-putting video.

Utilizing mods made by fellow YouTuber Garden of Eyes, ToastedShoes appears as an Tarnished Homer Simpson as he bravely begins his quest for the "Elden Donut." One might wish to help him understand what Elden Ring actually is (y'know when players figure it out). Here's a list with Elden Ring characters and the popular cartoon characters who have replaced them in ToastedShoes' video.

The best part of the video is Homer's struggle with The Tree Sentinel, an early optional boss. I'll set the scene. There are a few grazing on the ground in Limgrave's forest. Are Elden Ring's goats, who just so happen to be transformed into terrifyingly lanky and sassy Sonic hedgehogs. (It would be no fever idea for a film even if Sonic did not appear in the film.) In a flash, the Sonic goats flee in terror when the Tree Sentinel approaches Homer, in a show of dominance, displaying it with a swift twirl of his axe. Limgrave should be found near an area of swamp since the Tree Sentinel has been transmogrified through the deadly magic of PC mods and transformed into a glassy-eyed Shrek riding his horse Donkey.

A mix of sound clip clips of the Shrek films and accurate Homer Simpson voice impersonations from voice actor Benjamin Rudman play intermittently during their very one-sided battle. After Homer is given his nice a$$ given by his fiance, Homer decides to resign himself. Cowards do survive. This battle doubles as Shrek's lore that nobody wanted and is ToastedShoes the most-loved scene in the video.

"I am in love with the Shrek and Donkey mod," ToastedShoes told MMOexp. "Having Shrek ride Donkey as his "noble horse" almost appears poetic in the sense that it is." While the YouTuber has become known for creating games with modded graphics but that wasn't the original idea. Before he racked up 574,000 subscribers, ToastedShoes started his YouTube channel in 2013 with the sole purpose of creating content with his buddies.

"As time passed, I noticed people doing mod content in games like GTA 5 and Minecraft, which was amazing," he said. "But I thought to me why it wasn't implemented in other games. Then, I decided to take a leap and contact some of the most talented modders on the internet."

The downside of ToastedShoes uploading such a unique Elden Ring video is that many internet users share clips with no credit or link back to him or his co-authors, and they could receive more attention than he does. While it's not uncommon for creators who upload content inspired by the latest video game to see their creations republished, ToastedShoes said it's disheartening to have the folks who collaborated with him don't receive acknowledgement for their work in editing, voice-acting, and creating mods for his videos. But he also said the issue won't deter him from posting more absurd mods to gameplay videos. In fact, he's planning on creating even more Elden Ring Items for sale videos with even more mods.


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