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Cowboys Trade of All-Pro Tyron Smith for

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FRISCO - Tyron Smith has spent the last 11 seasons as a foundational piece of the Dallas Cowboys. And while some argue that the foundation is crumbling, the 2011 first-round pick once again got good grades from coaches in 2021 and made his eighth career Pro Bowl this season.But while he remains a powerful force,Smith is not always a healthy force. And so maybe for the first time, it's worth examining a goodbye.Our "Locked on Cowboys'' colleague Marcus Mosher mentions this week in a purely speculative way - to his credit, no pretense of "sources'' - that it might be time.Mosher asks if Tyron Smith could be traded to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for the 14th overall pick in April's NFL Draft, or if the Cincinnati Bengals  Racey McMath Jersey might part with the 31st overall selection.All of this is worthy of a brainstorming se sion. And in the end, we come up with three obstacles:1 - Injury I sues: Tyronmi sed six regular season games in 2021 and all but two the previous year. Smith last played a full season in 2015. At 31, the tread is inevitably coming off the tires. As a result, for the second straight offseason, there is "buzz'' about how much longer Smith wants to do this.That buzz flies in the face of what Tyron Chance Campbell Jersey  himself has said.For me, its always been, 'Til the wheels fall off, 'til I cant no more',  .I cant give you a time estimate or anything like that, but Im going to go as long as I can. Whether its four or five years or whatever.Now, that was in June. But still, it sounds like a future Hall-of-Famer who wants to keep plowing away.Scroll to ContinuePoint being: His next team would need some a surances that it is getting a healthy Tyron Smith. At a salary of $13.6 million in each of the next two years  A.J. Moore Jr. Jersey (followed by a voidable year in 2024), the Ravens would want to make sure "the wheels haven't fallen off.''2 - Cowboys Aftermath: The Cowboys are counting on the emergence of some of their up-and-coming offensive linemen. Terrence Steele taking over at left tackle? He's not Tyron. . Rookie Josh Ball? He's not ready to even be a McGovern-level contributor.All of this means a Tyron trade leaves two holes, one obvious one in the O-line and one more subtle one on the salary cap, the latter hole for this reason: A trade of Tyron saves $5.6 million off the cap - but still leaves Dallas paying the cap $7 million for a player no longer on the roster.Would you rather .)3 - Tyron's Trade Value: Mosher is smart to ask the question in an open-ended way, because there is no way to find out of Smith is worth a first-rounder until Dallas surveys potential bidders. But we would theorize that the closer we get to the draft, the more teams treat those picks like gold. That would be  Steve McNair Jersey a blockade. Additionally, we'll bet the Ravens at 14 think they can draft a starting O-lineman there, and get a load of this: The slotted salary for a mid-first round pick is about $16 million total. For four years of contract! (Last year's Cowboys pick No. 12. Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons, has a contract that in its entirety is worth $16,249,544.)Would a team rather have a "gold-plated'' first-round rookie making $4 million APY, or an aging All-Pro making $13.6 million APY. Marcus Johnson Jersey And a final obstacle about the market: It so happens that So if Dallas calls the Ravens and the Bengals and offers Tyron for a first ... and the Texans do the same offering Tunsil ... Dallas gets rejected.Soon, with the NFL busine s year beginning in March, the Cowboys - and Smith - might have some decisions to make. But we will say this: It is difficult to envision the struggling Dallas offensive line suddenly become better by subtracting Tyson Smith.

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